What is Wrist Arthroscopy?

pic-of-wrist-scope_shutterstock_1362484091-3-300x200.tmb-mediumWrist arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique. Small incisions are made on the wrist and a small tube with a tiny video camera lens on the end is placed into the wrist joint. It can be used to look at the cartilage and ligaments of the wrist to help diagnose the source of pain or clicking. Additional small incisions can be made to place special arthroscopic surgical instruments into the wrist that can be used to shave out damaged or inflamed tissues, and sometimes even repair a torn ligament like the TFCC.

What Types of Hand and Wrist Problems Benefit From Arthroscopy?

Not all wrist conditions can be treated with arthroscopic techniques, but here are a list of problems in which wrist arthroscopy can be helpful in certain situations:

  • TFCC Injuries
  • Scapholunate Ligament Injuries
  • Evaluation of wrist joint fractures and cartilage injuries.

Ready to Confirm a Diagnosis and Fix the Problem or Just Want to Learn More?

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